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The mission of the Autism in Action Podcast is to help bridge the gap of accessibility to services through connecting listeners with individualized support, autism awareness, and education.

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Our Why

Research shows that each year, 70,700 to 111,600 young adults affected by autism age out of school-based services with little to no transition services in place.

There is a huge need for families and communities to find a way to bridge the gap of services offered for young adults.

With the internet at our fingertips, there's no reason why families should go without services during this critical transition period.

We hope to be able to help connect the dots and bridge the gap of these services so these families can have successful outcomes.

autism in action podcast

The Autism in Action Podcast Connects Listeners With...

Clinical Professionals

Perspectives from leading clinical experts in a variety of fields, including: therapists, SLPs, OTs and others.

Agencies & Nonprofits

Connecting you with supported employment professionals, government resources, advocacy groups and more.

Parents, Families & Each Other

Providing self-advocates, parents, families and professionals a safe place to connect with each other, share stories, ask questions, and offer support.

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Educational Resources

Bring you actionable strategies and tools directly from from K12 teachers & higher ed.

About Tosha.

Based in the Pickens County area in South Carolina, Tosha has over 20 years’ experience as a special needs parent. In January of 2018, she started Rollins Counseling, LLC, a private practice offering counseling services to her community. In 2019 she noticed through her personal and professional experience the growing gap in transitional services for autism and launched the Autism in Action Podcast to help families connect with resources, services, and support. In 2020 she created Rollins Coaching, offering parents an individualized approach to creating a strategic life plan for their children, and transitional coaching for young adults that need goal-oriented action steps to move forward into adulthood with supportive services. In 2021 she began Rollins Consulting, which provides an educational curriculum for professionals serving the autism community.

About Chris.

Based in the Puget Sound area, Chris has over 8 years’ experience as a special educator where he developed a thriving high school life skills and community-based learning program in the Kent School District. In September of 2019, he started Life Skills Advocate, a transition support company where he provides local and virtual executive functioning, life skills coaching, academic and vocational coaching for neurodivergent teens, adults, and their families.

What Our Listeners Are Saying



Amazing resource for parents. So much value, resources, tools, and everything in between! A must listen!



Tosha and her guests are an excellent resource for those impacted by Autism...and that number is growing at a rapid pace. Listen and learn!

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