Episode #93 Interview with Jimmy Clare (Founder of CrazyFitnessGuy)

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Jimmy Clare is a motivational speaker, Autism advocate, author, and founder of CrazyFitnessGuy.

Learn more at https://www.crazyfitnessguy.com/

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Hey everybody, welcome back to another episode of the autism and action podcast today we have another very special guest for you. We've got Mr. Jimmy Clair, he is out of the great state of Pennsylvania with crazy fitness guy.com. And he has got some amazing news for you guys on how to really get going. Get feeling back in shape. Welcome to the show. Jimmy, thank you so much for taking the time to be here today.

Thanks for having me.

Leah, thank you so much. I think I'm curious. And I'm sure our audience is curious, like, what is crazy fitness guy all about? And like, how did you get started?

So I'm gonna have to answer that in two different questions, different answers, because they're, well, how I got started was I, I was finishing up one of my either my first or second year and in college, and as I was a, I really liked my English teacher. And he told me, the only way to get become a better writer is to write every single day, I knew I couldn't just write on a piece of paper or write in a Word document, because we tend to do stuff over and over again, when we like something. And if we don't like something, it tends to go, Hey, we can just get put on the back burner. And it's never kind of, it's never gonna happen. And if because I've done that, in multiple situations are giving an example. But when I was growing up, I was being taught to learn how to write in cursive. Well, I absolutely hated writing. My name on this dotted line is like, Oh, you gotta make it, some cursive cursive signatures and whatnot. And after a while I stopped practicing. And my signature now looks like aterial can write better than me when it comes to cursive. And like, I'm not, I don't care for as I got to 27 I'm 27 years old, I don't really care of my cursive writing anymore. And so, the reason I so I, so I can, so I decided, I'm going to create a website, and I'm going to keep so I can help people live healthier lifestyles. And I first thought it was gonna be geared towards just like personal training, etc, and videos, but then I noticed something in a pattern looking at, like my competitors, they talk about a lot of exercises and nutrition and whatnot. It's like, do we really need one more health and wellness website out there now? Because it's like, okay, you know, just because, like, there's basically that a lot of different variants of the same move and or might be called a different name and a workout video. And they Yeah, we don't even remember what warmer those and so I noticed there was a pattern. They might like, share one article about how to start living a healthier lifestyle, their healthier lifestyle. And then there might be another pattern of okay, we touch on this in one article, but then we're going to put all this other stuff as I go do this exercise do this exercise are these are the best exercises like but they don't tell you on how to be motivated to get started. And I'm like, Okay, I'm gonna go for that. Because my overall goal I want to be I'm a motivational speaker. So it fits.

Think that is also what is some of your number one tips and tricks for how to get motivated, you know, it is fitness and staying healthy, and is a challenge these days, you know, trying to do all of the things that we have to do at a certain time span and having those time constraints and, you know, really wanting to get going so what are some of the barriers and some of the steps to get through those barriers.

To get started, I wish you make sure like for me I like to do workouts on Beachbody on demand. This gun was might sound like a promo but it's not. It's only $100 a year. It's not too expensive. It's actually cheaper than every gym out there. Because think about it you're paying for a gym you're only paying just get your foot in the door by it doesn't come with any classes as you come up with any nutrition plans doesn't come with check squat. So like chick is what a great like what a great scam Oh, as I guess, sure there's different dumbbells and machines and whatnot. But if you don't know how to properly use them, what good is that going to do for you? Not much. And so with Bucha, buy on demand, I like to, I like to look at all the different workout programs ahead of time, see what, what it entails, if it doesn't have, if I don't have a certain piece of equipments and buying a piece of equipment, I might just like, Okay, I'm gonna modify those and do something without that piece of equipment. However, if it's like, it was, like dumbbells on my, go buy a pair of dumbbells, either from Dick's Sporting Goods, because I'm not too expensive.

If I remember correctly, but I don't know the process is this. This was like a few years ago when I had to buy them. But

then that was my first tip is like, always find a workout program that will work for you. I was your max time that you want to allocate for yourself to work out as on Beachbody on demand as like 10 goes from 10 minutes all the way up to 60 minutes. And so like, but they also have like 4520, and etc. So second, I would say, judge how much time you want to what will work for you? If, if, if an hour doesn't work for you? Try 45 minutes and 45 minutes work? Try 30 That doesn't work, try 20 still doesn't work? Try 10? Or they we got your Beachbody got you covered. Again, on that, on that. Megan has a promotion, I get nothing out of it.

Well, you know, I think I can really relate personally to what you're saying about making sure that the goal is attainable, like in the amount of time is attainable, because I think a lot of us, including myself kind of get into the pattern of Well, it's an I have to work out for an hour. So if I don't work for an hour for an hour, then it's going to be zero. But we've heard we sometimes forget that 10 minutes is still, like, mathematically speaking infinity times more than zero minutes, right? So those 10 minutes add up or a lot over time. And it's more about building the habit right than it is necessarily trudging through something that you hate, and making that habit kind of advertising it because if it's not, it's not going to happen. Right.

Exactly. And I got one more tip on that. Oh, sure. And the other tip, I had to say, if you're for me, like once he gets the hardest part is getting started once you get into it. You always want to keep going back to and keep doing it because for me, I've been working out for like 11 plus years. And for 10 plus years, I lost count, but I kept going. And even when the day is like the times when I got sick, or the illness or something I come I come back off of it from as I sometimes I worry like, am I going to become lazy, but then as I am sitting in bed is like, I really want to work out I'm bored as hell and I don't want to do and so I know I always have something to bounce back from because I Yeah, it's sometimes it can be hard getting back into the groove of things. But at times, it's just like, just like riding a bike.

Your overall goal as a motivational speaker is to help others with autism live a healthier lifestyle. And you started this endeavor four years ago with crazy fitness guy. Tell us what is the best place for people to find you online.

Just go crazy fitness guy.com. And I'm pretty much every single everywhere on every single platform. No joke, either Google crazy fitness guy or Google Jimmy Claire, I show up on every single page.

And obviously, you have the blog, you have the podcast. Well, what else can people find? By by kind of digging more into what you do?

Well, I've just relaunched my mobile app. That's a web app you can download on your device on my website, and flowspace doesn't take up anything at all. I think it takes like one megabyte. That's how small it is. But you're gonna listen to podcasts, or watch the live streams and print them such every person on the girl. One of them things I created in the promotion video for as like as, as as like all your crazy in one app literally

all your crazy one app. I love that. What do you mean? Thank you so much for taking the time to be here today. Is there anything else at all that you'd like to share with our listeners?

Well, I like to say one thing. I just want to note, just let everyone know that autism is not the end of the world. It's not a disease. It's a different way of life. And for those who want that care, well tell them to they're not going to find it because it doesn't need to be cured. Covered it needs to be cured, but autism is not. Well said.

Well said. Thank you for being here today. You guys go check out crazy fitness guy.com

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