Episode #61 Interview with Wynn Godbold, Lead With Love Training Co.

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 Wynn Godbold is a founding partner in Lead With Love Training Co. which provides online and in-person training to businesses who want to support families with autism. In the world of autism, it is easy to become focused on the individual, often at the exclusion of the needs of other family members. Parents, siblings, grandparents... can feel lonely, left out, and highly stressed.

Lead With Love Training Co. gives businesses (resorts, restaurants, recreation venues...) the training they need to help families with autism enjoy typical family experiences with supportive modifications. By providing online and in-person training, Lead With Love Training Co. is helping businesses reap the benefits of serving the loyal and growing community of autism families.

Autism awareness training and certification are good for business and good for families. It is a win-win!

If you would like to know more about how your business can be trained in autism awareness and gain access to the growing community of autism families, reach out to Wynn at wynn@leadwithlovetraining.com or check out their webpage: www.leadwithlovetraining.com

If your business is located in the Upstate SC Area and you want autism awareness training for your employees please reach out to Tosha Rollins directly by email tosha@autisminactionpodcast.com to set up an appointment to get started.

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Hey everybody, welcome back to another episode of the autism and action podcast today we've got another very special guest. We've got Miss Wynn Godbold with the lead with love training company. Thank you for taking time to be here today.

Hey, it is great to spend time with you talk to always?

Well, I absolutely adore when we've been friends for a little while now and working on some stuff together. And I can't wait for her to share with you guys. What all is going on with the lead with love training company?

Hey, so Tosha let me let your viewers know first off what lead with love training actually is right? Because lead with love. What does that even mean? Yes. Um, so we are a training company, we assist others. So we assist other companies in serving families with autism, that is our true specialty. So we provide training for your employees to give them Autism Awareness. And we can do that we do it online, we can do that in person, if not for COVID bless its heart, right but and so what we try to do is to go in and to religious make employees aware because our families face as your listeners know, when they go out in public, there's that potential for overstimulation, which might bring on a tantrum or a meltdown for someone on the spectrum. The way that we see that is, you know, when families are suffering, and scared like that, and they fear that judgment, they tend to stay home. And that means brothers, sisters, grandparents, moms, they're all missing what we would consider to be a traditional family experience. So our purpose that lead with love is to make to train companies, their employees from top to bottom, so that when our families do get the courage to venture out, and to say, Come to your restaurant or common, you know, maybe even attempt a vacation, that they know they are coming to a business that has been trained to be supportive, so they can feel safe and know we're not going to be stared at, we're not going to be judged. This, you know, restaurant, or this movie theater, or this entertainment venue knows what it takes to serve us. And they're they've made accommodations for us. So that's what we do we provide that training, we provide support to the company to let them know, you know,

hey, if

you're let's say, you have lots of video games, it's kind of an arcade type place, we work with a place here along the Grand Strand that has all that lights and sound and action. And they also have roller skating. So we worked with them to have autism friendly times where our families can go, and all that sound and lights from the video games are turned off, and they can enjoy the skating. And so that's that's just kind of a sample of the type of thing we do now. There's not so much overstimulation possible possibility. And our families with autism can get out and have a good time. So lead with love. We're the training arm to that. Do what can I tell you just a little bit more?

Absolutely. Please, please. Okay, cool. So,

so how this happened, right? We partnered with the champion autism network. So if your listeners are familiar with tan, I think they've been on your show, right? Yeah, yeah, Jackie was here. Yeah, she's so adorable. So we call them cam. That's them for sure. But they're a nonprofit. And, and that's what they like, their whole mission was to create autism supportive communities, right. And so when they really started to get into that, and to see, oh, my goodness, we've got to train, and train and train. They didn't want to get thrown off their message and off of what their outreaches and so that's why lead with love was born really out of my connection with Becky and can because my background is in corporate training. And so as that started to come together, it was like, wait a minute, we can't put the burden of this training on to can they've got to be able to do their mission. So let's take this and put it you know, and so we've developed to lead with love. And but that's where all of our understanding come from, is that partnership with champion autism network because you know, they're so they give us the information. We present it in a way that it makes sense for employees and for businesses. Yeah, so when you get training with Lee we love you get partnership with Ken and then that's like win win win because there's your network and and the families so we got brings families to businesses and businesses to family. It's just an amazing kind of marriage going on there.

Yeah, yeah. Now for any businesses out there that are interested in getting in with your program. With the lead with love training program, how can they find out more information? What can they expect in terms of training opportunity and, and what different options you have for them? Perfect.

So online, we do have a website, it's lead with love training.com, you know all one word there. And when you come onto the website, you'll see that we have two different levels where businesses can come in, they can come in at a supportive level, or they can come in as a champion. And, and you can read about the differences there. But to expect as far as training, we have modules right now created for restaurants, for retail, and for resorts. And then we're adding modules to that, like our general autism awareness that can be people from like cities and municipalities can go on there and get general training, we have activities, modules that are coming, we're working on modules in Spanish, because we know a lot of you know, Spanish speakers work in our in our restaurants and our retail and in our resorts. So we have on the demand training, it's online on demand. And then in the resort field, we actually also have kind of an extra tier where we can do some live training for our resorts, come on property and that sort of thing. So if people businesses say, golly, I'd love to be, I'd love to know more, I'd love to have access to this network of families, the best thing to do is actually really to reach out to myself on when so it's why in, in at lead with love training, calm, and you know, they can just say, Hey, I heard you on autism and action podcasts. And I want to talk about what autism training be right for my company. And we'd love to help do that. The training sound, we really strive to keep them short, engaging, and really impactful. So it's all about the how can we make it work for you guys, when you serve our families, it's none of the educator talk, you know, all of that. Because sometimes you get into training, and it's wow, you know, it's us, we're humans, we know there's a human on the other side of the computer, we keep it simple. And we just give you what you need to serve the families. So it's a win win, you get more business, our families get to come out and play. You know, and that's what can that's a big deal. Right? Come play with us. And we love that. Absolutely. And the whole lead with love. Our name is that because that's truly what it takes. If your employees are willing to lead with love, right? We say it's not rocket science, but little things make big differences. So that's kind of what we do. That's how we help so it's win at lead with love training, comm training.com. And I'm happy to just get on the phone or do some email correspondence and let folks know what we can help them do.

And for all the businesses out there that are interested in taking advantage of this amazing opportunity to help your community, increase autism awareness in your business and really make big differences in small ways. just tweaking things that you can do. You know, get in touch with Lin lead with love training.com Thank you when so much for taking the time.

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