Episode #95 Interview with Sam Mitchell (Autism Rocks and Rolls Corporation)

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Sam Mitchell, a teenager living with autism, brings you Autism Rocks and Rolls Corporation, a 501c3 NonProfit and Podcast. Sam not only runs the podcast, but is a motivational speaker as well. Although Sam has had obstacles in the past and still has daily struggles, he is using this platform to take away the stigma off of autism and other conditions that many think are disabilities. He often brings guests into the conversation, whether it be family members, friends, celebrities or others involved in the world of autism. He wants to prove that he is not broken and does not need to be fixed. Sam has a lot of fun along the way and really loves to entertain his audience. Listen to this podcast and go into the mind of Sam.

Learn more at: https://sites.google.com/egreene.k12.in.us/autismrocksandrolls?pli=1

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Hey everybody. Welcome back to another episode of the autism and action Podcast. Today we have another very special guest. We have got Mr. Sam Mitchell, he is with the autism rocks and rolls podcast. Welcome to the show. Sam, thank you so much for taking time to be here today.

Of course, thank you for letting me be on.

Well, I am super excited to have up here and to share with our listeners, your mission, what it is that you have available for our listeners, and really anything else that you want to share on top of that. Alrighty. So share with us when you first started autism rock and

roll. I started in October 2019. I have over 7k downloads now it has definitely evolved. I did not expect to be a big business and get sponsorships that was extremely like Bonelli for a for me. But I'm glad I do. And I'm glad I get to help someone else out or help somebody at least.

Absolutely. Now having over 7000 downloads, that means you've definitely helped reach families that need those resources and support. You know, share with us what the mission is of your podcast.

The mission of autism rocks and roles is to spread the spread awareness acceptance and take the stigma off of autism and other conditions on May thing or disabilities. People on the spectrum are not broken do not need to be fixed. Those who have conditions or abilities do not need to be paid. There's nothing to be sorry about.

Well said well said. Now, your focus is a lot on the positive side of autism. And there are a lot of things I think that you would like to share in regards to that.

I'm definitely happy that I to me autism is positive. I mean, I always think that way grandson. Well, it's always a downplay. But after doing this podcast so much I get to learn I get to be myself. And that is the best gift anyone can ask for in my opinion.

Absolutely, we should all just be able to be ourselves. Shouldn't we know it's only one you in this whole universe? And that's definitely worth celebrating. You

might share some interest. But you get to act the way you choose to be within reason, obviously. But

yes, yes. Now, with the resources that you have available on your podcast, can you share a little bit about where our listeners can go check that out?

Yeah, so you can find me on pod bean, Spotify, YouTube, Apple podcasts, SoundCloud, LinkedIn, Stitcher, YouTube. And you can find that website autism rocks unrolls.com that has everything on there that will basically show you the ropes of the podcast and where I what I do.

And we've also got some pretty incredible merchandise available, don't you?

I do we got to start doing on Etsy. Etsy is not the best thing anymore. I was on a podcast awhile back called called podcast business school with one of my pod pals, Adam. He's pretty cool. And he's actually 20 minutes from where I am. So I didn't go see him sometime. But or visit with him at some point. But I was on his podcast, he said to use Teespring I thought okay, we'll try that. Let me tell you that's a lot better than Etsy.

What kind of merchandise is available for listeners?

Land braised power cord, bracelets, sweat shirts, socks, T shirts. One of them with gray like this has asked me about autism rocks and rolls we have that gray in black. We also have like a meat design shirt like has that sound like grill like a barbecue themes like can call it some episodes. It's pretty cool. As t bone steak on there and a hot dog.

Oh my What inspired you to start autism rock and roll in 2019

After I joined my High School's Media Club, I learned that I wasn't going to be a senior in high school forever. And I kind of knew that but the only way to continue my media skills was to start my own podcast. And that's where autism rocks minerals was really born.

So taking the skills continuing to grow them evolving them into your very own podcast in business. That is so inspiring for so many people.

That is it really, really is. I mean, that's the best part you can help someone is the best thing you can ask for.

Absolutely. What else would you like to share with our listeners today, Sam?

Well, I mean, the wrestling fan. I mean, I've always enjoyed that professional wrestling always sad. You say your husband's a big fan. He is my favorite currently is Drew McIntyre. That my favorite of all time is Mick Foley.

And you recently are not too long ago had him on your show

fit me right and I've had the honour of meeting him four times was the best part. Oh, that's amazing. I got to meet him once through a meet and greet through another wrestling podcast and then I they helped me out to get him on the show. And I got to talk to him. in Bloomington, Indiana, which is where he's from, and I'm like 20 minutes from and at the Comedy attic and what was in Indiana. And we can officially say today he is our friend.

That is so incredible. So awesome. If there's anything else that you would like to share, what's your last piece of advice to give to our listeners today?

All right. Well, my my file as I say this on some podcast, it could be nice to not be stupid. I think the world would get along pretty much well.


I believe the second was hard for me to the odd minute.

Yes. Well, I just want to say thank you, Sam, for taking the time to be here today. You've got some incredible stuff going on everybody head on over online to autism rocks and rolls.com. Check out the podcast and the merchandise, everything on there. You can find all the prior episodes for autism rocks and rolls on there.

All right. I think people are gonna do that. Thank you for letting me be on.

You're welcome. Thank you

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