Episode #79 Royal Ball Run Happening Oct 10th at 10AM

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The inspiration for the Royal Ball Run for Autism organization stems from the now 1 in 59 children who are diagnosed with autism each year. We will be running to celebrate their achievements, their courage, and their future!

Our goal is to increase awareness of autism and to support (and celebrate!) families and children touched by autism. Proceeds from the Royal Ball Run for Autism support local programs dedicated to autism treatment and awareness.

In our first nine years, the Royal Ball Run for Autism has invested more than $230,000 in local autism programs thanks to the tremendous support of our participants, partners and sponsors. In addition to local autism programs, Royal Ball Run for Autism has developed a Quad City area autism resource guide, The Royal Guide. Click here to view http://theroyalguide.org/

The Royal Guide

10/10 at 10am for our 10th Anniversary!
Announcing a special 10th Anniversary date with hopes we can host you all safely — and with fewer restrictions due to Covid than we might have during our traditional month of June. Registration and Course info here. We’ll also be honoring one of our founding members and our Royal Ball Run King, Scott Holtan, by naming this year’s race the Scott Holtan Royal Ball Run for Autism. Scott tragically passed away earlier this year due to Covid. The entire Royal Ball Run family will be celebrating his life and his legacy in all we do.

You can learn more at http://theroyalguide.org/

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